IPAS Privacy Policy

This statement is intended to describe both the way our site interacts with your local computer environment during operation, the information actually collected by our site about your sessions, and how that information is used.

The site does collect basic information about your session for use in monitoring resources and security activities. The information collected is limited to your Internet Protocol address (IP), the time of access, browser type and versions, operating system of your machine, screen resolution, the site function requested, and the files requested to send to your browser. The nature of the IP address we see varies based on your ISP or the web page that you are accessing our site through. In most instances, the IP address cannot be directly linked to you and we make no attempt to determine this. No one outside of our host ISP will ever be permitted access to these logs.

The resource data collected is used only for generating basic summary statistics including the number of unique IP addresses and total number of requests daily, weekly, and monthly. The log information is archived as a regular part of site maintenance, but the logs are not retained more than three months. The summary statistical information is retained for comparison over the years.

Our site does create and manage cookies during its operation. These cookies are created for the following reasons:

1. To remember the query and results of your last few inquiries

2. To store some of your inquiry data locally to remove the burden from our server to ‘remember’ things about your session.

3. To have, at your option, the ability to store the advanced query criteria so they can be retrieved at a later date.

These cookies are created for certain advanced operations available on our site. They are referenced directly by pages specifically requested by you and are only reviewed when needed during your visit. When you close your browser, the only cookies that remain are those that you have voluntarily created to save your advanced query parameters for later use.

Though our site looks for cookies that were created during your active session, the site never searches any portion of your local disk storage for any reason other than to identify activities on your current session. There is one exception to this. If you have saved advanced query criteria, this information is stored in specifically labeled cookies, and these are read into your session when the advanced search page is retrieved. These cookies retain only your selection criteria and no personal information of any kind. These are the only cookies that remain in your local environment when a session ends.

If you disable or through third party software block the creation of cookies within your browser, some features of the site may not function correctly or may cause unexpected errors.

Though few public land records sites currently employ cookies, as they advance in functionality many will eventually employ their use unless the government mandates the removal of all cookies.

As with all web sites, the actual information pages retrieved are retained by your browser as local Internet files so that basic browser operations such as back and forward will operate. We make no effort to read any of these files and the removal of these temporary files periodically by your browser will not affect the operation of our site the next time you visit. At some point in the near future you will be able to download PDF files that depict reports of the parcels you have selected and CSV files of key variables for each parcel in a selection query for use in third party software packages. These files will be created at the option of the user and will be written to specific local storage based on your request.

Our site and its developers never ask for information beyond the basic site statistics described earlier. The site never asks you to register in any way though you may be asked to agree that the information on our site is not warranted in any way and subject to change. Because our site never attempts to identify you and never intends to use your IP reference other than to summarize site usage statistics, we will never attempt to contact you in any way based on your visit to the site.

Our site will never present any advertising in our page content or through popup windows though this does not extend to any of the outside sites that you may access through our site.

Our site does support pages that have links to other sites. This is provided as a convenience for the user. All requests for outside links connect you directly to that site and our site does not wrap your access to that site with any local site references. This policy in no way guarantees that access to outside sites have the same policy and we make no effort to review the privacy policies of externally linked sites prior to adding them.